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  • Hoist rope spread is an issue with hoist rope braking devices, on larger machines or machines with a double wrap roping this exceeds the maximum for hoist rope spread on hoist rope braking devices. HydraSafe brake does not use the hoist ropes to stop the elevator we use the rail so we work on any size elevator. 

  • Hoist rope size; again the other units have limits on hoist rope size since we do not use the hoist ropes to stop the elevator this is not an issue. 

  • Speed; both Draka and Hollister Whitney are limited to 1200 FPM with limited capacity.  Draka maximum capacity is 7500 lbs, Hollister Whitney has a wide range of coverage based on which model you use the biggest model the 626 hoist roped 2/1 can have a rated load of 20,000 lbs.  HydraSafe brake;  we have no limit on speed. On higher speeds and capacity elevators we have the ability to stack Hydrasafe Brake and increase pressures.

  • The HydraSafe brake does not require an engineering review for installation. Many municipalities are requiring hoist rope brake devices attached to the building structure to have a sign off by a structural engineer. 

  • HydraSafe Brake does not require the raising of existing machine to fit. In many cases to fit a hoist rope braking device the machine bedplate needs to be modified and raised for the device to fit. 

  • HydraSafe Brake is easily mounted on the /safety plank crosshead of the elevator. No noise associated with the device when the elevator is running. In many cases on high speed elevators hoist ropes have a tendency to slap the hoist rope brake pad creating noise that is heard throughout the building and in the elevator. Hydrasafe Brake is silent while the elevator is running. 

  • Hoist rope braking devices only work on traction elevators. HydraSafe Brake can be installed on traction and hydraulic elevators with any size “T” rail. Other rail shapes are available in the future. 

  • Hydrasafe Brake can be installed on any year or make controller. 

  • Hydrasafe Brake can come with additional features such as door lock monitoring, pit encroachment monitor and First Responder feature for evacuation of trapped passengers. 



  • Price; Hydrasafe Brake will be more costly than a basic hoist rope braking device for a standard geared machine.   

  • But the savings in labor to install will compensate the little extra in material cost

We saw a need in the industry for an improved option for an ascending car and unintended motion device. HydraSafe Brake is our answer to the limits by conventional hoist rope braking devices. We are the only device mounted where it should be, that's on the car grabbing the rail.  Hydrasafe Brake can be used on traction or hydraulic elevators.

  • A Patented New Level in Elevator Safety


  • Ascending Car Protection


  • Unintended Motion


  • Uncontrolled Motion


  • Elevator Door Lock Jumper Protection


  • Elevator Pit Encroachment Monitor


  • First Responder and Emergency Evacuation Safety


  • Easy installation on any type of traction or hydraulic elevator

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