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Introducing HydraSafe Brake Easy – the straightforward solution for elevator safety enhancements. Designed for seamless integration with existing control systems, this model offers a hassle-free upgrade path for improved reliability and performance.


With HydraSafe Brake Easy, simplicity is key. It functions effortlessly as a passive device, synchronizing with your current controls for easy set-up and operation. In the event of a system failure, transitioning to our Easy model is a breeze, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum peace of mind.


But that's not all – HydraSafe Brake Easy is future-proof. It's compatible with a range of additional features, allowing you to customize and expand its capabilities as needed. Whether you're looking to enhance safety, efficiency, or convenience, our Basic model adapts to your evolving needs with ease.


Perfect for modernizations, HydraSafe Brake Easy helps reduce material and labor costs while enhancing elevator performance. Plus, it's versatile enough to serve as a retardant in high-rise applications, mitigating issues like rope stretch and releveling for a smoother ride.


Upgrade to HydraSafe Brake Easy and experience elevator safety made simple. Streamline your system, minimize disruptions, and elevate your peace of mind with our effortless solution.

HydraSafe Brake Easy

SKU: #001-01
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