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Introducing the HydraSafe Brake Plus – the pinnacle of elevator safety innovation. Engineered with precision and unmatched attention to detail, our system sets the standard for protecting passengers and technicians alike in any elevator scenario.


Ascend with Confidence: Unlike other safety devices that grasp brake drums or hoist ropes, HydraSafe locks the elevator car directly to the guide rails, ensuring steadfast security. With advanced monitoring capabilities, it can often position the elevator precisely within a door zone for seamless access.


Preventing Unintended Motion: Compliant with ASME A17.1 & A17.3 codes, our system provides essential safeguards against unintended or uncontrolled motion in traction elevators. And for hydraulic systems, where safety measures are lacking, HydraSafe is the solution of choice, easily adaptable for installation.


Door Lock Jumper Detection: Safety is paramount, which is why our system includes a crucial feature to detect any tampering with door lock safety circuits. By preventing unauthorized overrides, it keeps passengers and technicians safe from potentially catastrophic accidents.


Pit Encroachment Monitoring: Elevator pits can be hazardous zones, but with HydraSafe, technicians are protected. Our system swiftly detects any objects in the pit, halting elevator movement instantly to prevent accidents and injuries.

Emergency Evacuation Safety: In emergency situations, every second counts. That's why HydraSafe can be remotely set from a fire panel, ensuring the safety of first responders and passengers during evacuations.


Seamless Installation: Installing HydraSafe is a breeze. Mounted securely on the crosshead under the roller guide, it grabs onto the guide rail for reliable operation. Pre-drilled for your specific application, our system eliminates the need for complex modifications, structural reviews, or control system overhauls. Plus, its controller interface box seamlessly integrates with existing controls, simplifying the installation process even further.


Elevate your safety standards with HydraSafe Brake Plus – the ultimate solution for elevator security and peace of mind. With its unmatched reliability, advanced features, and effortless installation, it's the smart choice for safeguarding passengers and technicians in any elevator system, regardless of type or age.

HydraSafe Brake Plus

SKU: #001-02
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