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  • HYDRASAFE BRAKE | About Hydrasafe Brake

    ABOUT US Welcome to HydraSafe Break! ​ We saw a need in the industry for an improved option for an Ascending car and Unintended motion device. HydraSafe Brake is our answer to the limits by conventional hoist rope braking devices. We are the only device mounted where it should be, on the car grabbing the rail. HydraSafe Brake can be used on traction or hydraulic elevators. ​ Our team is led by Kevin Cunningham and Tim Toan, who brings 45 years of industry experience. Together, we have developed a patented Unintended/Ascending movement device that meets A17.3 2020 compliance standards. This versatile product is compatible with any elevator featuring T-Rails, enhancing both safety and efficiency. ​ Our device is certified by Liftinstituut for speeds up to 1400 FPM and includes a caliper body and power unit. These components are housed in a UL-approved enclosure containing a pump unit, valve, relays, wiring, stud block, and an accumulator, all UL/CSA approved. We are in the final stages of securing certification for the entire unit based on A17.5 B44 2019 standards. ​ We’re also excited about our collaboration with Claddagh on the "Plus" model, designed for elevators lacking Unintended/Ascending capabilities. The Plus model includes advanced features such as door lock monitoring, pit encroachment detection, and first responder technology. Each unit weighs about 130 lbs., with installation typically completed in one to two days per elevator, plus an additional day for the Plus model. ​ Beyond elevator safety, HydraSafe Brake is versatile enough to serve as a safety device for single bottom jacks and as an alternative to rupture valves. ​ We are receiving a growing number of inquiries from elevator contractors, consultants, and universities interested in our product lines. If you’d like to learn more, we’d be happy to arrange a Teams call at your convenience.​ WHY CHOOSE US? Versatile Application HydraSafe Brake utilizes the rail, not the hoist ropes, for stopping, eliminating concerns regarding hoist rope spread or size limitations. This ensures compatibility with any elevator size or configuration. Silent Operation Mounted on the crosshead, HydraSafe Brake operates silently, eliminating the noise associated with hoist rope braking devices, particularly on high-speed elevators. No Machine Modification Required Installation of HydraSafe Brake doesn't require raising the existing machine or modifying the bedplate, simplifying installation and avoiding additional costs. Unrestricted Speed and Capacity While competitors have speed and capacity limits, HydraSafe Brake offers limitless speed and capacity options, with the ability to stack brakes for higher speeds and capacities. No Engineering Review Required Unlike other devices, HydraSafe Brake doesn't necessitate an engineering review for installation, saving time and hassle with municipal requirements. Compatibility with Any Controller HydraSafe Brake is compatible with any year or make of elevator controller, offering flexibility in installation. Compatible with Various Elevator Types Traditional devices are restricted to traction elevators, but HydraSafe brake fits both traction and hydraulic elevators, adapting to any "T" rail size, with future potential for other rail shapes. Additional Safety Features Optional features like door lock monitoring, pit encroachment monitoring, and a First Responder feature enhance safety for passengers and ease evacuation procedures. HIGHER COST HydraSafe Brake may have a higher initial cost compared to basic hoist rope braking devices for standard traction machines. However, the savings in labor for installation can offset this slight increase in material cost.

  • NEWS | HydraSafe Brake

    NEWS We are in the process of obtaining a Certification/Attestation via the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).​ ​ Our products are approved for sale and installation by the AHJs in most states. However, a variance may be required by some states' AHJs. For detailed information on the status of our products in your state, please reach out to us, and we will gladly provide you with the necessary details. MEDIA FEED

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  • HYDRASAFE BRAKE | Contact Us

    CONTACT US We would love to hear from you! Whether you have questions, feedback, or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us using the form below or contact us directly at the emails listed below. Our team is here to help and will get back to you as soon as possible. 4553 W. Lexington Street, Chicago IL 60624 773-823-7424 First Name Last Name Email Message Send Thanks for submitting! Facebook Linkedin

  • HYDRASAFE BRAKE | Specifications

    GALLERY CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE TAKE A CLOSER LOOK How Our Product Works ​ Discover the power of the HydraSafe Brake Easy Model in action! Watch this animated video to see how our cutting-edge technology ensures superior safety and performance in real-world scenarios. Our Product in Action Experience the HydraSafe Brake Easy Model in real-world conditions! Watch this video to see our product delivers unmatched safety and reliability when it matters most.

  • HydraSafe Brake

    ® THE SMART DEVICE Our HydraSafe Elevator Brake System offers the highest level of safety in the industry. This smart, all-in-one device provides comprehensive protection, including Unintended/Ascending car protection and jumper protection. It's the only Unintended/Ascending device certified for car speeds up to 1400 FPM. Why Choose Us? ​Silent Operation Versatile application Unrestricted speed and capacity No engineering review required No Machine Modification Needed Compatible with various elevator types Compatibility with any controller Additional safety features Read More How Does It Work? Explore our state-of-the-art product line, centered around the innovative HydraSafe Brake Easy Model. To help you make an informed decision, we provide comprehensive demonstration videos and detailed specifications showcasing our products' capabilities. Read More EXPLORE OUR PRODUCTS Discover the perfect solution for your needs with our innovative products. Click the button below to explore our full range and see how we can enhance your safety and performance today! Shop Now STAY UPDATED Be the first to find out about sales, updates and everything between. Email Sign Up Thanks for subscribing! AFFILIATIONS

  • RESOURCES | HydraSafe Brake

    RESOURCES At HydraSafe Brake, we believe in empowering our customers with the resources they need. Dive into our PDF library today to explore our forms, certifications, and manuals. Flyers HydraSafe Brake Brochure Digital Flyer Forms Estimate Request Form Maintenance Log Manuals Installation, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting Manual Maintenance Control Program (MCP) Certifications Liftinstituut Compliance Certificate Liftinstituut Compliance Certificate Report FEA Reports Stopping Force Graph Mass Reduction FEA Seismic FEA 4" Structural Steel Crosshead FEA 10" Structural Steel Crosshead FEA Sling FEA

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